thc inhaler faqs

THC Inhaler FAQs

What are cannabis inhalers?

Cannabis inhalers look and work just like asthma inhalers. With one pump of the canister, they deliver a precise dose of aerosolized cannabis directly into the lungs.

Where can I buy a cannabis inhaler?

Cannabis inhalers are still quite new to the market but can be found at many cannabis dispensaries, depending on your state’s laws. For finding a TruMist cannabis inhaler near you, visit our store finder.

How do I use a cannabis inhaler?

Cannabis inhalers are easy to use. Simply place your mouth around the mouthpiece, then inhale as you press all the way down firmly on the top of the inhaler. You will sense the fine aerosol mist of THC enter your lungs. Remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for around 10 seconds or as long as comfortable, then exhale.

How do I clean my inhaler?

For your inhaler to work effectively, you need to take good care of it. If the equipment is not cleaned, the medication can build up and clog the equipment, preventing it from spraying properly.

If you use it less than once a day, you can clean the inhaler daily or after each use.

  1. Remove the canister from the mouthpiece.
  2. Rinse the mouthpiece with warm water for 30 seconds. Gently shake off excess water.
  3. Do not wash the medicine can or get it wet.
  4. If so, do not wipe the inside of the gasket.
  5. Let the mouthpiece dry completely.
  6. Put the canister back in the mouthpiece for use.

Do cannabis inhalers have medicinal benefits?

Absolutely. Patients have reported that cannabis relieves anxiety and depression, as well as pain from inflammation, cancer, ibs and other conditions. And because inhalers provide a precise and consistent dose of THC, it’s fast becoming the most preferred method of cannabis treatment among both physicians and patients.

Are cannabis inhalers better than vaping?

People may find cannabis inhalers better than vaping or a complement to vaping for several reasons. First, vapes use concentrate extracts whereas TruMist inhalers use THC distillates, which are more pure. With vapes, it’s difficult to control the amount of THC you inhale, whereas TruMist inhalers ensure the same precise dose with every draw. Finally, TruMist inhalers offer a level of convenience and discretion you can’t achieve with vapes that are larger, require battery charging and setting adjustments, and leave a visible trail of vapor upon exhaling.

Is the dosing predictable?

Certainly. Every TruMist inhaler delivers the exact same measured dose of THC every time you use it. So you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it.

Are cannabis inhalers discreet?

No worries here. TruMist cannabis inhalers are smokeless, odorless and fit in the palm of your hand. They’re the ultimate in discretion.

Are cannabis inhalers safe?

Because the TruMist cannabis inhaler is free of contaminants and impurities, it mitigates possible long-term health hazards. It also contains FDA-approved ingredients. Asthma inhalers have been used for decades to safely treat asthma, so the mechanism itself is tried and true.

What are the benefits of THC distillate?

THC distillates are the purest form of THC available. The process of distilling removes any pesticides, plant matter and impurities, while extracting only pure cannabinoids. THC distillate also provides a smooth inhale that won’t irritate your throat or lungs.

Are cannabis inhalers durable?

The TruMist cannabis inhaler is arguably the most durable cannabis product you can buy. It’s compact and made of hard plastic and metals. It doesn’t have any glass or components that can easily snap off. And it won’t break or fall apart in your pocket like joints, bud or edibles can. That’s not to say it will survive being hurled at a brick wall, but if it drops out of your hand or pocket, chances are you’ll be ok.