thc inhaler benefits

Predictability in the palm of your hand

Get ready for a product you can always count on. From recreational to medical cannabis use, the TruMist cannabis inhaler was designed to meet your full range of needs for the most reliable and repeatable experience.

TruMist cannabis inhaler benefits

Discover why the TruMist cannabis inhaler is better than vaping, edibles or smoking.

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Predictable and Consistent

With its precise dosage of pure THC with every draw, you’ll experience the same effect and duration every time.
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Immediate and Effective

Its aerosol mist ensures a fast-acting effect within minutes. No more uncertainty over when or if you’ll feel anything.
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Discreet and Compact

Smokeless, odorless and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or pocket, it’s the ultimate in discretion and portability.
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Pure and Clean

Made with only the purest THC distillate, and no by-products or contaminants that could impact your health or a clean inhale.
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Easy and Convenient

Simple, durable and easy-to-use, with no battery or charging required. It’s the most hassle-free cannabis experience.
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Do some cannabis products leave you wanting something more reliable and hassle-free? Maybe it’s knowing when in the world you’ll feel something, and what that something might be. Or knowing if you can bring it to a certain event. Or knowing if it’s pure and safe to use. Or knowing it won’t run out of batteries or break when you’re out, and leave you bummed out.

Find TruMist near you and experience the difference.